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Power distribution panels serve practically every building type in the United States.  It is very important to safely control the properties of each of those panels so to prevent overheating and flash protection in case of any unfortunate incidents occur.  There are protection guides in place that will instruct designers and installers proper methods and protocols of time tested personal safety.  Our goal is to make the rules of design easier for the electrical design community to find and comply.  Panelboards provides a means of disconnecting circuits that may short circuit due to an unfortunate catastrophe.  It is very important to follow rules set forth in the National Electrical Code so Designers of electrical systems can safeguard personnel who come in contact with these electrical systems.

We hope to provide software aids for Electrical Engineers, Designers, Drafters, Contractors and Consultants for solving power riser designs in commercial building projects, no matter how complex.  We also offer free cheat sheets that will allow anyone who relies on National Fire Protection Association 70, or else known as National Electrical Code, to quickly lookup and determine many commonly used tables, formulas and codes in one easy to use sheet which are broken up into specific functions.  Our software aids can size any power source from 30 amp single phase load centers to large 6000 amp 3 phase service with hundreds of branch circuit panelboards.  Electrical Panelboard Scheduler Pro (EPS) can generate data reports that will allow designers or engineers to quickly cross check wire sizes and determine breaker feeds with some built-in warnings, when calculating the riser updates that can happen in seconds.

We began working on concepts, designing interfaces and coding EPS since 1996 and have never stopped improving the software to where it is now.  Hopefully you will find it as helpful as we have when designing millions of dollars of projects using EPS and the time saving tools we designed into the software that will allow anyone to become more efficient.  The reports are by far the most important aspect of EPS and will allow users to cross check wire size risers and breaker connections from each component with risers that take only seconds to produce.  We don’t want to replace individuals who produce these diagrams but it helps to have a tool that will help make sure your design is solid from more than one source.

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